Skin Care by Southern Laser Medical Spa & Healing Arts

Southern Laser Salon is ultimately committed to the overall health and beauty of your skin.  Our facial treatments are customized with careful consideration of your unique needs and conditions. Our knowledge in the utilization state-of-the-art techniques and products, combined with your commitment, are key in achieving your skin care goals.

Facial treatments begin with a thorough examination of the skin by our licensed, medical aesthetician to determine the methods and products that will prove most effective for you. We then begin a customized facial utilizing skin-specific exfoliation and hydration methods. Steam therapy and extractions are performed as needed and an appropriate masque is applied.  To enhance the relaxation experience we include a neck and décolleté massage.


We offer several types of peels for a multitude of skin conditions.  Our medical aesthetician will be glad to help you choose the peels that will benefit you the most. No matter which type of peel our skin care specialist selects for you, our methods and techniques are:


  • Of the highest quality

  • Cause little or no discomfort

  • Will not inconvenience a busy schedule

  • Provide immediate results

  • Affordable

Peels have many benefits for all skin types and will safely and effectively promote: 

  • Good skin tone

  • Even skin color

  • Refined pores

  • Fewer breakouts

  • Softer skin

  • Healthy glow

  • Younger appearance

Renewed elasticity

The types of peels we offer include:


A steady effective stream of fine crystals is delivered directly onto the skin and the old surface is removed.  Your skin is left smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Glycolic Peels:

Are derived from sugar cane and available in various strengths. It is a solution that is brushed on the skin and then neutralized after several minutes.  It treats fine lines and wrinkles and is anti-aging.

Mandelac Peels:

Are derived from the almond and are for sensitive skin types.  It is also a solution that is brushed on and neutralized after several minutes. It treats fine lines and wrinkles and is anti-aging.

Lactic Acid Peels:

Are for the treatment of photoaged skin and pigmentation problems.

Salicylic Acid Peels:

Are for the treatment of skin with acne or for oily skin types.

The types of masques we offer include:

Vitamin C:

Great antioxidant benefits for photoaged skin and pigmentation concerns


Draws out impurities and is good for oily skin


Anti-aging, moisturizing and is good for mature skin


Lifting masque that is good for aging skin that has lost some elasticity


Essential Facial

This facial begins with gentle cleansing of the skin followed by toning and exfoliation. A masque that is chosen for your skin is applied, followed by an appropriate nourishing cream. This is the perfect wedding day facial as it leaves your skin soft and supple with a radiant glow.

Anti-Aging/Intermediate Facial

This facial targets fine lines and wrinkles. It begins with an in depth analysis of your skin type and your needs. A deep cleansing, toning, mini-peel and extractions are performed. A nourishing masque is applied and an upper body massage follows. Vitamin creams, which enhance cell turnover and improve the skin’s moisture barrier are the finishing touch.

Oxygen Facial

This facial has all the components of the intermediate facial with the addition of vitamin penetration utilizing sonophoresis and iontophoresis.

Acne Facial

This is a clinical treatment utilizing salicylic or mandelac acid and other acne fighting ingredients. This treatment concentrates on extractions and ends with a soothing, calming masque.  Appropriate products are recommended for home use.


Botox™ can remove lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows.  A series of tiny injections are placed in the affected areas and the client is then asked to do a few facial exercises. Treatment time is about thirty minutes and there is no down time afterwards.  Treatments need to be repeated every four to six months.

MD Services

Owned and operated by Medical Professionals, Southern Laser provides access to enhanced Plastic Surgical procedures through our association with a well respected, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Cesar Gumucio.  When making a decision about your appearance, we help you make it the right one.

Consultations and on-site services include but are not limited to: